YORK? Sun? Choice Rooftop Units

15-27.5 Tons

YORK® Sun? Choice Rooftop Units lead the industry with the most economical comfort cooling in the 15-27.5 ton range.

  • A/C downflow models
  • Standard-efficiency models (up to 11.1 EER/14.8 IEER)
  • Constant volume, IntelliSpeed? single-zone VAV and VAV airflow options
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Reduce Energy and Operating Costs

YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units provide up to 23% greater part-load efficiency than our comparable, standard-efficiency legacy units and nearly 15% higher IEER ratings than some competitive high-efficiency units. The remarkable performance of Choice rooftop units exceeds Department of Energy (DOE) 2018 guidelines by up to 25% and already surpasses future DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10%. A lightweight design and direct replacement footprint reduce up-front costs and simplify installation. 

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Efficient performance exceeds DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 25% and surpasses DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10%.


Units weigh up to 33% less than previous YORK? models and 22% less than competing products, reducing the need for structural reinforcements.


Units fit nearly 70% of the competitive installed base, minimizing the need for costly transition curbs.


YORK? Sun? Choice units are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States at the Johnson Controls Rooftop Center for Excellence in Norman, OK.


  • A broad range of outdoor air options, including low-leak damper economizers, constant volume powered exhaust and modulating powered exhaust
  • Industry exclusive, optional Continuous Reset Single Zone (CRSZ) control
  • A wide range of gas heat options including full modulating gas heat with a 2.85 to 1 turndown ratio
  • Multiple airflow strategies, including exclusive IntelliSpeed? discrete fan control (DFC) with 2-stage and 4-stage options
  • Smart Equipment controls aid in reliability and ease of use
  • Independent circuits help avoid full unit shutdowns and a lead-lag compensator helps balance system wear and tear

Airflow Strategies Lower Operating Costs

Standard-efficiency YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units with the optional 4-stage IntelliSpeed™ fan control have better efficiency than even the "high-efficiency" models from competitors.
Bar chart showing how the YORK Sun Choice rooftop unit achieves a higher part-load (IEER) efficiency than competitors.
York Sun Choice platform directly fits a large percentage of competitors Rooftop unit footprints

Direct Replacement Capability

The YORK® Sun™ Choice platform directly fits a large portion of the installed market without the need for costly transition curbs. Be sure to confirm your models with your sales rep.

Verasys Controls

YORK® Sun™ Choice Packaged Rooftop Units are Verasys enabled, making it easy to improve comfort, efficiency and operating costs. Verasys offers remote connectivity for secure access anytime, anywhere. BACnet®-based, it connects seamlessly to Smart Equipment throughout your facility via wireless compatibility.

Learn More About Verasys
Verasys controls showing the configuration and performance of a building's YORK packaged rooftop unit.

Technical Resources

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15-27.5T Choice A/C

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15-27.5T Choice A/C

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