YORK? Sun? Premier Rooftop Units

25-80 Tons

YORK® Sun? Premier Rooftop Units offer the flexibility of applied equipment with the first-cost value of rooftop units.

  • A/C models with high capacity and multiple airflow options (downflow, horizontal, multidirectional supply and return airflow paths)
  • Standard-efficiency models (Up to 10.9 EER/15.8 IEER)
  • High-efficiency models (Up to 11.4 EER/16.9 IEER)
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Unmatched Efficiency, Unmatched Quality

YORK® Sun™ Premier commercial rooftop units offer best-in-class standard efficiency levels and meet Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency requirements. Standard-efficiency, high-capacity or high-efficiency YORK® Sun™ Premier units come standard with an industry-leading 1-year parts and either a 6-month or 1-year promotional labor warranty when started by a contractor.

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YORK? Sun? Premier Rooftop Units provide the highest standard-efficiency in their class.


YORK? Sun? Premier Units are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States at the Johnson Controls Rooftop Center for Excellence in Norman, OK.


Service-friendly features include optional Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway and RTUToolkit app for easy data lookup.


  • Standard, double-wall foam panels for improved thermal efficiency
  • Modulating features for refined comfort, including energy recovery wheel, hot gas reheat, electric and gas heat
  • Up to 15 steps of cooling in standard-efficiency base models, depending on tonnage
  • Variable-speed compressor and VSD fan options with the most advanced refrigeration, airflow and heat-transfer technologies
  • The broadest array of airflow features, including various airflow paths and duct configuration capability
  • Optional indoor air quality (IAQ) features, including ultraviolet (UV) lights, humidifiers, sound attenuator and final filters

Advanced Touchscreen Display

Optional GUI features a full-color touch-screen that provides quick access to key operating information, including system status, performance metrics, schedule parameters and more.
Image of the YORK Sun Premier unit's high-end graphical user interface (GUI)

Verasys Controls

YORK® Sun™ Premier Packaged Rooftop Units are Verasys enabled, making it easy to improve comfort, efficiency and operating costs. Verasys offers remote connectivity for secure access anytime, anywhere. BACnet®-based, it connects seamlessly to Smart Equipment throughout your facility via wireless compatibility.

Learn More About Verasys

Applied Smart Equipment

YORK® Sun™ Premier units comes standard with next-generation Smart Equipment and can connect seamlessly to a controls system and self-discover other Smart Equipment. On-board controls support cloud-based data analytics, including fault detection, to support proactive maintenance and minimize downtime.

Smart Equipment helps maximize control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

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