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Replacement Parts for YORK? Home Comfort Systems

Looking for replacement parts or other equipment for your YORK? system? Don't do it alone. Whether you're looking for filters, capacitors, compressors, refrigerant or anything in between, your local YORK? dealer has the information, training and access to genuine, YORK? residential HVAC parts to make sure the job is done correctly.

Make Safety Your First Priority

Changing a filter is relatively simple. And if you're mechanically inclined, it may be tempting to troubleshoot and repair a home comfort system on your own. But residential HVAC systems are precision-manufactured devices that can have dangers including high voltages, high temperatures, harmful chemicals and moving parts. Other than changing a filter, attempting to repair or otherwise install your own parts is dangerous, and should not be attempted. Any effort to repair, modify or otherwise tamper with the internal components of your system may also void the warranty. 

Trust the Experts

YORK® Certified Comfort Expert™ (CCE) Contractors are the best in the business and have proven success in creating and maintaining home comfort systems like yours. They know what your system needs – and when it needs it. They take pride in doing the job right the first time, and have the training necessary to provide fast, efficient service.

Connect With a Dealer

Your local YORK® dealer is your best source for parts and equipment for your home comfort system. By allowing them to service your system instead of attempting a repair yourself, they can help ensure any remaining warranty is maintained while also getting your system back to peak performance as quickly as possible. Visit our dealer locator page to get in touch with your local dealer.
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Are you a contractor or technician servicing a YORK® residential system? If so, contact your nearest YORK® distributor for expert advice and access to Source 1® Parts. Source 1® is the exclusive supplier of service parts and accessories for all YORK® residential and light commercial HVAC equipment, as well as universal HVAC replacement parts, supplies, and accessories. With factory-authorized components, you can be confident the equipment you service will continue to run reliably for years to come.